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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I've been gone a while

but not to worry i haven't forgotten you. i am waiting on a new charger for my computer... hopefully that fixes it... more to come... but in the mean time, feel free to see my other blogs:

The Cox Family



Friday, May 20, 2011

busy busy busy`

i've been busy working on some cute creations... i'll post them when i am satisfied that they are perfect :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

JAD'S and Sassy Studio Designs

On my design team, Jean's Art Dolls, the sponser for May is Sassy Studio Desings. The challenge I recieved was to use: Plaid, Stripes, Floral, and Polka Dots to design a digital stamp. Below is what I created for Jeans Art Doll's and Sassy Studio Designs. As you can see, Little Honey Alice is a very cute female!! I wanted to abide by the rules of my challenge yet give her my own twist, so I gave her some of my features with my brown eyes and hair. I gave her a zebra print skirt with a pink top and polkadotted hariband to match the pink in her top. She is wearing a floral apron and the background i chose the plaid. I then imagined her using a tape runner and on her way back to her scrapbooking table to do so.

I then created an 8 by 8 digital scrapbook page with her as well. Here is what it looks like.

Here I have made some edits to the stamp to show the versatility to it. First, I enlarged her and then applied a fading to make her the background. Then I put the stamp in three different ways. First, I went with my original design. Turned it on a little angle, then I took all saturation out and turned it on the opposite angle. And then for the final one, all I did was add some spotlights to her to make her the center of attention. I turned it again on an angle to make sort of a border on the bottom of the page. Added 3 small pink daisies to corners of the stamps. I then journaled a little about it on the pink paper I added above the third stamp.

Head on over to JAD's for more great art by the rest of our Design Team. If you are interested in this stamp, you can head to Sassy Studio Designs to see more of their awesome work!!!

Enjoy and have an ARTISTIC Day!!!

~Designer Dawn~

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Final projects for the day...

Last night, I was very busy finishing up the challenges on I am putting them all in one post for now.

Get Out Challenge

For this challenge, we were asked to scrap a layout of getting out and about. I chose to scrap the spring break trip from last year. We went to sunset beach with my niece, my two daughters, my grandma, and my mother in law. We met some friends on the beach and had a blast. I went with a very simple design here as I really wanted the pictures to tell the story.
Here I have a layout that wasn't in the challenges, but I had time to spare so did an extra layout. I chose to use a sketch for this one. I picked the color scheme based on the photos of Maddie. I inked around the smaller paper using turqouise ink and the middle size paper I inked using lime green. I added rickrack instead of ribbon to go across the whole page and then a few flowers for embellishments and I was done.

He Loves Me Challenge
For this challenge, we were asked to make our own flower (handmade) and to scrap a layout of anything we wanted to. To start the description off, I want to tell you how to make the flower.

1. Get a scrap of paper you have in your stash. We all know we have scraps right. Now is a great time to use some of them. I used a nice pink for this flower.
2. Grab something round that you can trace around if you don't have a circle punch. I don't have a circle punch so, I used a bottle of Studio G Glitter Glue. I traced around it on the paper scraps.
3. Repeat step two until you have 6 or more circles. For this one, I used just 6 circles.
4. Pinch the circles to give your flower a little pleated dimention.
5. Glue 5 of the circles into a flower pattern keeping the pleat in place to give your flower that pleated look.
6. Take the last circle and run glue around the edge of it on the bottom side. Adhere this circle to the center of the flower.
7. Using anything you want to be your flower center, glue it on top of the center of you flower. This can be bling, buttons, fibers that you have put in a circular pattern, sticles, brads, etc. It really is up to you.
8. To adhere the flower to your page, if you do not use brads, you will be gluing it to the page. If you use a brad, simply use a piercer to poke a hole in your page, then you can attach it using the center of the flower.

Now for the goodies of the page, another sketch was used for the design. I journaled on it telling about Kenzie's love for riding the bus and that I am in love with the natural reflection in the bus window.

I hope that I have given you some inspiration and taught you something new :)

Have a Great Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Handwritten Note Challenge

Sorry about the pic quality... I realized after I had uploaded the pics to the computer that I had a smudge on the lens of my camera...

This layout is titled: SENIOR 1999

So, yes it gives my age away, but I wanted to scrap this since it is the ONLY senior picture I have of me. I also entered this one in a sketch and colour of the moth challenge. The colour challenge is really fun for me because it allows me to put together colours I normally wouldn't put together... I love the brown, turquoise, and yellow colours for this challenge :)

Sharpest in the Shed Challenge

For this challenge, they wanted us to scrap our favorite tool. I had been wanting a pink ATG gun for a very long time. They also required that we say why we love our favorite tool. My journaling says:

I love my atg gun because
* i don't have to worry about it spilling
*things stay where I put them
*it is multi purpose
*it is easy to change the rolls

I also used a sketch to make this layout. I enter sketch challenges a lot because I love already having the idea of what I want my page to look like!

Snail Mail Challenge on

In honor of National Scrapbooking Day, I am entering challenges all day. The first was to make a themed card. I chose to do a birthday card because I can always use them. I used scraps for the whole card. The background piece is even a scrap from where I had needed like a 2 inch strip of that color paper at one time in my adventures :)